Pesabase will offer 2 main product brands, Pesabase that will allow for remittances and banking/wallet like solution in Africa. This is syngestic with our Exchange Bithela, offering superior token trading to Africa.

Bithela Bitcoin Exchange

The Blockchain industry and Blockchain based currencies are growing rapidly around the world with the recent boom causing a noticeable uptick in Africa buying or searching for ways to buy them. There are currently very few exchanges fully focused in Africa, promoting and developing the African crypto industry. Our aim with Bithela is to provide a compliant multi-currency based trading platform country by country with the required liquidity and needed approvals from each government.

Pesabase Multi-Currency eWallet

Banking and Mobile wallets in Africa are closed end single currency ecosystems with limited to no ability for users to swap between local, regional and international currencies.

This problem would have remained intractable, were it not for the break through that Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has given us. Previously it required companies years and millions of dollars to build a community of interested users with the major beneficiary being the company and its owners.

We intend to flip this around, by building on open, transparent banking and Blockchain platforms e.g. solarisBank, OmiseGO, that anyone can benefit from and with a wallet that allows for management of all user currencies and tokens as needed.