Pesabase is

Pesabase is set of remittance, payment and banking solutions that leverages blockchain to provide financial simplification and inclusion in Africa.

01. Low cost Remittance between all users locally and across countries and continents
02. No Bank Account needed, simple token based reserves across the platform
03. Cheap customer payments for small to large businesses in Africa
04. Instant settlement, pickup and deposit cash at all agent locations
05. Loyalty points and Rewards for consistent use of the Pesabase platform



Remittance average cost of 9.8% to and from most African countries
State currency insecurity and high inflation rates result in lost savings
Inefficiency and risk of cash transactions reduced through Tokenization
Expensive financial services, that excludes majority of low wage earners
Only 25% of Africa’s population have access to formal financial institutions e.g. banks

Low cost remittance - from Africans in diaspora to relatives/friends back home.


Cheap Payments in countries like South Sudan, East Africa.

Pesabase Advantages

Why use Pesabase:


Trade, Buy and sell tokens of your choice on our Bithela exchange.


Enjoy Blockchain Based Banking services out of South Sudan, East Africa.

Nhial Majok

CEO & Founder

Robert Kamunyori


Elizabeth Lacey


James Mwangi

Business Development

Jonathan Kato

Country Manager, Uganda

William Otiso

Country Manager, Kenya

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