Low Cost Remittance, Payments and Banking for Africa

Pesabase is

Pesabase is a remittance, payment and banking e-wallet solution that uses the OmiseGo blockchain to provide financial simplification and inclusion in Africa.

01. Low cost Remittance between all users locally and across countries and continents
02. No Bank Account needed, simple token based reserves across the platform
03. Cheap customer payments for small to large businesses in Africa
04. Instant settlement, pickup and deposit cash at all agent locations
05. Loyalty points and Rewards for consistent use of the Pesabase platform



Remittance average cost of 9.8% to and from most African countries
State currency insecurity and high inflation rates result in lost savings
Inefficiency and risk of cash transactions reduced through Tokenization
Expensive financial services, that excludes majority of low wage earners
Only 25% of Africa’s population have access to formal financial institutions e.g. banks

Used to tokenized other assets on the network e.g. local currencies like Kenyan Shilling.


Coinremit & Bithela Exchange fees go towards acquiring the tokens for rewards/points when trading.

Pesabase Functionality

Pesabase will have the following functionality:


Membership structure for clients and Agents that provides a low cost to zero transactional platform for local & international remittance.


Users receive discounts with favored partners when using the app for receiving and accepting payments.

Founding Team

Nhial Majok

Founder, Australia

Nhial is the brains behind Pesabase, and has broad-spectrum expertise in tech industry, having held diverse senior IT leadership positions in the sector. One of the founding members of the Melbourne Bitcoin Meet-up formed in 2013, and a Blockchain technology expert, Nhial left his Tech Leadership role at IBM to fully focus in the crypto revolution and finance technology, including building Pesabase.

With roots in Africa, he has in-depth knowledge of the financial services market in the region, as well as fintech innovation, both of which have been key in building Pesabase. Nhial has worked with governments and the private sector in Australia and abroad, and has a flair for influencing high-ranking people whose judgment is sought after.

Nhial enjoys playing chess, reading a good book, hanging out with friends, or watching EPL. (But he seldom has time for those.)

Ivan Paulo

Co-Founder & CSO, Australia

Ivan heads Pesabase’s corporate strategy and focuses on creating and implementing overall business strategy. Prior to joining Pesabase, Ivan worked as a business analyst and fund manager with Stuart Asset Management, a private fund formerly based in Brisbane, Australia. In this role he focused on research, and investments in small to micro capitalized companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Ivan is well travelled and understands the challenges faced by 3rd world countries. His ability to strategically think and business acumen will also round of Pesabase’s talent acquisition and marketing strategies.

During his spare time besides keeping up to date with the cryptocurrency industry you will find Ivan expanding his entrepreneurial skills, playing poker and watching a little basketball.

James Mwangi

Business Development, East Africa

James directs business development efforts in East Africa and is charged with overall business leadership, guiding teams, as well as driving business growth and strategic partnership efforts.

A crypto-currency enthusiast and seasoned IT business management consultant, James brings an extensive understanding of the financial services market in Africa, challenges the businesses face and how best to mitigate these issues; having co-founded a fintech company in 2013. He has also worked with multinational tech brands both in Europe and Africa, spearheading sales and business development initiatives, successfully facilitating high-rate market penetration and multiplying revenue growth.

He presently lives in Nairobi, Kenya; speaks 3 languages: English, French and Swahili; and is an active mentor in technology startups.

Alex Bandisch

Front-end developer, Australia

With over 10 years implementation expertise in the technology and financial services industries, Alex oversees Pesabase financial services efficiency, information security, risk management and round-the-clock system reliability.

Prior to joining Pesabase, Alex provided strategic advice to scores of clients on a diverse complex tech projects, governed numerous large-scale technology ventures, and delivered fintech solutions globally. He also played a lead role in getting the Coinremit platform into a usable platform for remittance into East Africa.

To him, every single problem has a solution. He communicates fluently in English and German.

Phoebe Mosomi

Communication and Marketing, East Africa

A fresh face at Pesabase, Phoebe is accountable for communications, public relations and marketing activities. She understands happy and well informed customers are a central part to business growth, and strives to keep the Pesabase network engaged and clued in.

Before joining Pesabase, Phoebe worked in the International Development sector for many years, where she delivered ops, communications, admin and project management strategies for several large-scale projects and programs funded by the World Bank, USAID, UNDP and DfID in East and Southern Africa.

She has also assisted and guided startup businesses and NGOs to profitably grow, developing social media marketing strategies for the businesses.

When free, you’ll find Phoebe go-karting with friends, watching a film, keeping abreast of fintech and crypto space trends, or watching the sunset wishing she could write sappy poetry.

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